The True Meaning of Patience

Patience indeed is truly a virtue. Many people claim to be patient but if such judgment is based on our ability to wait then we have got it all wrong. The truth is anyone can wait for something they really really want but what matters is the attitude adopted during that period of waiting.

I have not always known this. I was very good at complaining an awful lot while waiting for something I really wanted. Some people are fond of taking ‘short cuts’ to get whatever they want but it is such behavior that keeps us waiting longer than we should.

Lack of patience can cause us trouble. Take the biblical example of Sarah in Genesis 16 where Sarai (Sarah) asked her husband Abram (Abraham) to sleep with Hagar because she was tired of waiting on God to give her a child. This caused a lot of problems for her as Hagar, her maid, became proud and despised Sarah.

Even after hearing these bible stories and the experiences of people who suffered the consequences of being impatient, we still find ourselves making the same mistakes. So how do we change this impatient behavior?

Patience Pearl's paradise.jpg

One way of countering such behavior is to maintain a good attitude while we wait for things we want/need. No complaining. No grumbling. No ranting. No Self-pity. No Short cuts. Even when we see others around blessed with these very things, we should be happy and celebrate with them.

Yes, it is easier said than done but to keep from dwelling on the things we wait patiently for, we should focus on the things we already have and be content with them like work, family, hobbies etc. Always remember that just as you pray for some things others have, other people also pray for the things you already have. So don’t take anything for granted and I hope God grants you all your heart desires.


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