The Deceitful Human Wisdom

“For what the world considers to be wisdom is nonsense in God’s sight, as the scripture says God traps the wise in their cleverness” 1 Cor. 3:19

We often think we are wise or at least smart about certain life decisions but human wisdom is one of the most deceitful things, almost as deceitful as the heart. It makes you think you have everything figured out, you know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it because you’ve planned it out so perfectly with careful consideration given to reasonably foreseen contingencies. So nothing can possibly go wrong or shock you senseless now can it?

It was this same thinking that led to the unraveling and downfall of Tony Wendice in the 1954 thriller ‘Dial M for Murder’ (not that orchestrating the death of your wife is a good thing) even after careful planning with a Plan B to back up Plan A.

Usually we as humans convince ourselves that the things we plan so wisely is for the greater good but if we honestly assess our motives we find we only wish to serve ourselves and no one else benefits from it. Sometimes we hurt others by making these ‘wise’ decisions.

The rich fool in Luke 12: 16-21 said to himself after a great harvest that he will build bigger barns, store his produce then sit, eat, drink and be merry for many years. Did he think God would demand his soul that very night? No. Was it so wrong what he planned? No! But in all his wisdom he forgot about sharing with others since he had so much. Even Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree because as she put it “she thought how wonderful it will be to become wise”.

This is the problem. I cannot count how many times I have done something thinking ‘It is for the best’ ‘I only want to please other people’ but that is a lie, plain and simple. So the next time I plan to do something I ask and pray for God’s wisdom and try to be as honest as possible with myself about the motive behind my plans.

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